Welcome to the Domani Healers Hall

The Healers Hall is a department of the Domain & Realms whose function is to offer healing to the Domani and wider magickal community through sharing what we know.

We welcome all regardless of faith or path who are interested in learning and sharing knowledge for the benefit of others. In all we do, “do no harm” is paramount. Our purpose is the care and keeping of this world and everyone and everything with which we share this world for without all, we are none.

The Healers Hall was begun back in 2003 and went dormant for a time due to events. We’re happy to bring the Hall back to life; restructured and with the hopes of continuing to be of service to the Domani community and, by extension, to the wider community as a whole.

Each specialty of healing will have its own Hall for sharing things specific to that group. Every Hall will be open to all others who wish to learn more about how to integrate different types of healing. We’ve started with what we felt were the basics but will add more as our knowledge grows. Contacts for each Hall and the Library will be listed on their individual pages. Comments and questions of a general nature for the Healers Hall can be submitted on the Home page.

Your patience is greatly appreciated and comments for improvement welcome.